Support staff have little confidence in government school safety plans, says UNISON | News, Press release | News | UNISON National

An overwhelming majority of school support staff don’t feel reassured by government claims that English schools are safe to open to more pupils from the beginning of June, according to a UNISON survey published today (Friday). Only 2% of employees felt reassured by the Prime Minister saying it was safe to open

Source: Support staff have little confidence in government school safety plans, says UNISON | News, Press release | News | UNISON National

Weightloss with MyFitnessPal, Jawbone, Misfit & Garmin

Back in 2017 i had brought my self a Jawbone UP move, to see how many steps I was taking during the day, I was after something cheep & discrete. This fitted my specification, small, fitted in a pocket or clipped on to my belt. I used this till the application stopped working, why? The company had gone bust.

So in 2018, I searched the good old internet for a replacement from another company, in the end I ended up with a Misfit Shine 2, which was almost a direct copy of the Jawbone UP move. I used this again just to keep track of how many steps I was taking a day. One of the other advantages of this model was besides telling me how many steps, it converted my steps into miles, you could set it to kilometres. Which was handy as I had just come across the Country Walking magazine which was running a campaign to “Walk 1000 Miles in a year”.

Both the UP move & Shine dropped into a pocket on the inside of my side pocket on the leg of my trousers, (Craghoppers Kiwi convertible for work, Nosilife convertible for everything else), then if going out family events they would clip on to the belt of my trousers. In the Shine application you could adjust/tell the application where abouts it was on your body, to help improve the information it sent about your movement. The Shine also could monitor your sleep. Then in 2019 for my birthday, I upgrade to a Garmin Watch vivoactive 3. Although this does a lot more the basics of matching my in put of calories to my excise is still the same. The reason for this choice & don’t get me wrong there is a very big choice & cheeper watch based ones out there. But the face can be change by using added widgets to customise the watch face. Which what I was looking for, so I could see a watch face as my main us then things like calories, steps etc added around the watch face.

Then later in 2018, my wife was told she need to loss some weight as she was told she had Type2 diabetes. She had also been using the UP move, but I had the bought her a Garmin vivofit 4. Both the Jawbone & the Garmin linked to the application MyFitnessPal, which converted steps into extra calories you could eat. As we had both had trouble at times lossing UP Move when it was clipped to a belt, the UP Move also came with a wristband which she started to us, so a wrist based replacement was looked for, so for many different reasons she got vivofit 4 for her birthday. For me, I was happy with my Shine 2, but when my birthday came round a watch based looking fitbit was looked for. After much searching the Garmin

So what is the MyFitnessPal application, this is were I setup the information about my height, weight etc. Once this had been set you can then tell it home much you want to weight & how quickly you want to loss weight. It then comes up with what it suggest is your daily calories. You can change this figure if you think it’s to hard. The daily in taken for women & men I used came from the British National Health Service, which suggests 2500 calories for men & 2000 calories for woman, so I adjusted my daily calories to below the daily intake but not as low as the application suggested.

To start with adding in food, recipes etc can be a bit of a pain, but by checking the portion sizes on the packets & using the same containers to put them in, I’ve got use to what a portion size looks like in that container. Eating & drink out can sometimes be more harder to do, as not all meals/foods our listed on the database. If you have wrapper from the food you can use the nutritional information on the back to entry it, some place have the information on there website. Or you pick from the list of foods that the application gives that closely matches what your having, the calories for each item of foods can very greatly, so if you what to loss weight quicker you choose the high calorie food. But what every way you do it, the idea is to stay under or match your daily calorie goal. As a rough guide I divided up daily allowance by 4, giving me a 4th for each meal setting, breakfast, dinner, lunch & snacks.

Now once you have linked MyFitnessPal to the application you us to measure your activity, it will also link to the in built health application in android & Apple phones, but we’re I work my phone has to be locked away while I’m working. The more exercise you do the more you can eat & you will see this at the top of the food dairy as Goal – Food + Exercise = Remaining. It will also, in the FREE version-which I us, the breakdown for things like sugar,fibre, fat etc. So if your trying to control your sugar intake from food, this can also be helpful. And in some cases it will surprise how much sugar is in thing’s like fruit & bread. But if want more detailed information you have to pay to unlock this futures.

So after I found the MyFitnessPal & linked it to my the different fitness applications, over a year I have slowly lost a stone in weight, which has brought me down by BMI to 24, using the NHS website which puts me just in what’s called a healthy weight.

Do I feel any better for it, still not sure, yes I have dropped down a waist size in trousers, was 36″ now I’m 34″, I’ve always like size large t-shirts, then medium which even now I still feel our to tight. Did anybody noticed I was lossing weight? Yes after about 6 months, some were concerned I was ill, when I said I was just wanted to loss some weight, were happy for me. My wife who has also been doing the same think has lost a lot more, drop down a couple of dress sizes, depending on the style, trousers again a couple sizes. So over all we have found a system that works for us.

What about the future, will for me, to maintain my weight with in a 1kg of were I am, even before I started my weight would drop or rise by 2kg over a week. For my wife, will she still needs to loss some more & control her sugar intake.

Daughters Birthday

Ok, why the title above? Simple answer, it’s my youngest daughter birthday, we’re been for a meal with friends family, we’re now back home, with daughter sat at the dinning room table,,playing a board game, which all we seem to hear is, traded you for some “rock for wood”, or “sheep for wood”, also bricks come into it, with roads and city’s along with ports beg built. But you have to do thing’s in an order, trading, building. Sounds a big like goog old monopoly.

This week at work it’s been busy as were back a quite a few staff of dickerson, with building work in the playground shutting of most of the playground. Hopefully next week the playground should be fully open. The old headteacher had been in helping to get the paperwork done for the SEND children. The new headteacher has come with an idea for us to put down positive thoughts, in words about other members of staff, on slips of paper, the to be posted in a box, ready for our appraisals next month. At the same time we have been given a sheet to fill in which includes a box for a photo, any photo, & to put down again positive thoughts about our self’s.

Last weekend on the Saturday we were down at the Dragonfly Centre, NNR Wicken Fen, the day far as people go was quite, will it was a bit chilly, which meant we could get on & do some tidying up around the centre. The Sunday morning we’re up early to head out to near March, to do the RSBP Farmland Bird Survey, it didn’t look to promising, but most of the fields had corn bunting on them, which far as farmland birds go our on the red data list.

Well number 2 blog

Well I’ll start it now but not sure when I’ll finish this one axis I’m at the cinema wait to hold in & watch Julius Caesar by that famous playwright William Shakespeare.

Will it’s now be two weeks under the new headteacher of the nursery school Claire Kent, far as I know, no relation to Superman, if so she’s not letting on. Everybody is trying to find out things about her by comparing notes, comments or little bits of information they have been given by her of there impression of her when they have talked to her. She hasn’t made any big changes yet, but why would she, she has yet to get a handle on her staff and find out how we tick and work as a team together. Yes she has been left for a few weeks bug have already been seen back in the nursery attending a meeting.

Well we started this have way during the week in one coffeehouse and now I’m in another, no I don’t sp9all my life sitting coffeehouses, I wish I could, as the only think I do is read or type, I’ve I’m at home I can’t sit still got to long as three is things I need to get on with.

What’s happened since last time? Will not to much, have sorted out the Farmland Bird Survey site and visits, which has meant a different area to survey then first throught, the last survey was only partially on his land, this time, between the farmer and me, we have sorted a new area which is completely on his land. The first visit being this Monday morning.

As life ticks on we get older and closer to retirement, why this throught, just had a pension statement from were I us to work, giving me a date for retirement as my birthday next year, I wish, I’ll have to ring them next week and talk to them about it. The yearly about is a lot but it will all help, not to self check pension forecasts for my other pensions plus my wife’s. Don’t think we’re getting a fortune to live on, but we should be OK, house is paid for and thinking about getting a new, 2nd hand car later this year, which will,  eat into the savings a bit, but we should be OK. 

My job at the movement, far as I know is OK,  but will I be able to keep going before my body gives up, time will tell, what do I do for a living?  I work as a teaching assistant in a nursery school, an area of work with very few men in, I have meet so on courses I’ve been on, most likely me were there wife’s/partners earn a good wage. The hours I work our school hours, so if we worked a full working day, with only the standard holiday days the take home money would be better. The advantage is I get home early, so I can get things done and dinner ready, otherwise we wouldn’t eat till fairly late, with the school holidays I can get bigger jobs done, which then frees up family holidays axis family. But of course with things like Christmas, New Year and Easter along with the bank holidays you have off, but if you want to go away, it’s always at the most expensive time of year, as with the children were also not aloud to take time off for holidays in term time.

I now have a Blog? What to do

OK,  I’ve had this blog site thing set up for a while, but not used it, so let’s start and see what happens and where it leads. Not sure how often and how much I’ll post/write or as it says above “PUBLISH”. Which is correct?

Story so far, a few year’s of my 60th with the plan of retirement by 55, long gone ought of the window. Just had a thought will anybody read this, how will I know? Anyway were was I,  born in Ipswich, lived in Cambridge as a child, now living in Huntingdon because I’m now married – coming up to our 40th anniversary, couldn’t afford the prices of house’s in Cambridge back in the 1980s when I left the army, another part of my story that needs filling in another time. 

More questions than answers, hoping to find more things to add or talk/type about as time goes on